2 years
Who we are Hi! We are that super-groundbreaking technology provider you’ve probably never heard of! Our flagship product, the PhotoEditor SDK is a fully customizable photo editing solution for web and mobile platforms that is being used by marvelously big brands like HP, Hootsuite, ZARA and hundreds of other companies around the world. Our products for photo and video editing are world-class and market leaders, and we’re damn proud of it. 💪 Where we work Our office is in the very heart of Bochum Germany, but our team is working wherever they can thrive. From Bochum over Berlin, at the seaside or beyond the hills. We give you the freedom and tools to choose where you work best. We are currently on our way to become a remote-first company. We won’t get back to the old normal, as we don’t believe in an old normals. Why we need you We’ve become a quite buzzy startup in tech circles but we want to be a lot more than the buzz. Therefore we merged the talents of our team, bringing together the best of design, arts, and tech. After successfully developing our SDK flagships over the past years, we're on the rise for the next generation of our photo and video editing SDKs. And that's where you step in. What you'll do You are the owner of new features and play a vital role in the complete process from proposal, to design, development and documentation, to marketing and shipping. You work on all layers of the SDK, from UI-, model-, to engine layer - you name it. You write world-class documentation, as well as concise, terse, and useful blog articles about topics that excite you at work and build your personal brand. You work with our customers to understand their needs and use cases and support them in achieving their goals. You collaborate with our creative and technically adept team of designers and developers, extend our internal knowledge base, and your personal knowledge base by thriving in a tech-driven environment of utterly skilled devs and an outstanding community beyond. Strings in your bow include . . . • You have a sound understanding and experience working with the Android SDK and tools, such as Android Studio, Gradle and NDK. • You are familiar with Java and Kotlin (and probably have one or the other official Android merch item in your shed) • You are interested in OpenGL and GPU programming (if you already have a fair chunk of experiences, that would be the frosting on the cake) • You have a high sense of responsibility and an eye for the details, but also have good judgement of where it makes sense to go the extra mile vs. pushing a quick bug fix • You like working remotely and bring the right mindset to the table - manage yourself and the way you work, be one kind of a good communicator and have a decent level of English for written and spoken communication with our distributed and asynchronous team