Disputify Pty
2 years
Role Engineering is a core part of who we are. We are on a mission to build an incredible product for merchants and save them billions. We are looking for a full-stack developer. They must have an entrepreneurial spirit and be ready to work hard to build and scale our high-scale platform, and our growing engineering team. It’s an opportunity to work on a fresh code base and design a team and a culture that is ready to go global. If this sounds like you, keep reading Leadership Policy: We are all working together to change the world and save billions of $. Keeping with this, everybody within Disputify (no matter their position) is empowered to play their equal part in making this huge vision happen. We value a high level of individual autonomy along with involvement in key decisions that help shape our world-changing product. Responsibilities Build and manage the Disputify product - including the development of effective, scalable and reusable front and back-end systems • Work with your product manager to plan and build necessary product iterations • Identify and solve complex problems • Identify, document and communicate best practices • Build internal tools that will help our team work better • Work closely with the CEO and other members of the team • Become an active part of the decisions around product direction • Work with large amounts of data • Work with a senior team of capable exectutors! *we recommend you send us a portfolio of your work (github link etc) *experience in payments processing is highly favoured Technology Stack & Ways of Working • Ruby (we use 1.7.1) • Rails (we use rails 6) • PostgreSQL (we use 10) • Agile Methodology • RESTful APIs • Experience with A/B testing and data-driven methods • Understanding of scalability bottlenecks in Rails applications • HTML + CSS (we use Tailwind CSS) • Full Jira ticketing System with clear and concise tickets (well implemented) You Should • Have years of experience (and love) working with Ruby on Rails • Be able to self manage, stick to deadlines and juggle a few 'project balls' in the air • Be interested in big data and machine learning • Be Looking to grow and learn Opportunity • Be involved in an early stage tech startup (grow with the company) • Build your own engineering team over the next year (Lead, train and grow A-grade talent) • Cool office setup in Brisbane and work-from-home privileges • Very flexible working hours - we only care about output • Incredible company culture - Tight team, No big egos • High level of autonomy '• Silicon Valley approach' to things • Potential equity • Great pay We are a family first company - We are committed to ensuring a healthy work life balance and encourage flexibility to ensure you can be there to support your family! Ready to help us change the eCommerce industry? If this role sounds like a good fit, we would love for you to apply below.
Ruby on Rails