3 years
Work with a team of ex: Google, Apple and Amazon engineers on a cutting edge, multi-billion dollar biotech startup. We are looking for a software engineer who will help build and improve internal developer tools and work on internal applications which power and automate providing and delivering genetic test results to health care providers and patients. You will be working in a team that sets the direction for other front-end teams by adopting new frameworks/libraries and writing components that can be used across multiple internal tools. It is a position that will be an excellent fit for someone that wants to do things the correct way (with tests, documentation, and clean code) and is a team player. Must Have: ReactJS CSS/SCSS TypeScript Jest Nice To Have: Cypress Your Role Primarily work with React, Typescript, WebPack, CSS Build tools and reusable components that will be used in all projects in the company (with documentation and tests) Be responsible for writing modern and well-tested code Configure and improve developer tools Work in the team with ex-Apple, ex-Google, and ex-Amazon employees